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 Healthy Lifestyle Change


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Are you ready for a change to your lifestyle? What's your lifestyle like? The reason lifestyle is so important is because how you live determines your choices and these choices decide how healthy you are. 

So what is a healthy lifestyle? The typical components include not smoking, eating healthy foods, exercising and keeping the body at a healthy weight. 

First, figure out how much time you spend doing the following:

• Sitting at a desk or front of a TV

• Sitting in a car or at a computer
• Staying up late and not getting enough sleep
• Eating out at restaurants

•  Eating fast food or junk foods   

 Do you spend time in any of these activities?

• Being active (sports, dancing, etc.)
• Exercising
• Eating healthy such as  fruits, veggies and whole grains
• Relaxing and peaceful sleep
• Dealing with stress through yoga and meditation

Is it time to re-evaluate your priorities and plan the goals you want to achieve? What would be the cost of having an unhealthy lifestyle?  Do you want more energy and time for the things you enjoy? I can help you change your lifestyle to enhance your health, manage your time for pleasure and relaxation.

"No matter how many 'to dos' we may have in our day, remember that before we 'do,' we must 'be.' BE LOVE, be peaceful, be grateful, be joyous..." -- Sharon Camel